Health Analytics @ Georgia Tech

The Health Analytics group at Georgia Tech conducts research and mentors students in data science methodologies to improve decision making in health care delivery and public health. Approaches are based on rigorous modeling, mathematical standards, and advanced computing techniques and anchored in real problems and questions in the health domain. The team collaborates with scientists and decision makers from many types of organizations including clinicians, large providers, public health entities, and private companies.

Health Analytics has an academic home within Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech with significant connections with Georgia Tech's Institute for People and Technology, the Health and Humanitarian Logistics Center, the School of Public Policy, the College of Computing, and many others. The basis of the research in this group is led by Professor Nicoleta Serban.


Nicoleta Serban
Lead Faculty


  • Data is the new resource, and unlike money or oil sharing doesn't deplete it.
    Kairos Future
  • Information is the lifeblood of modern medicine, [and] health information technology is destined to be its circulatory system.
    David Blumenthal
  • Equal opportunity to be healthy is a right not a privilege, and therefore, healthcare is a common good, not a market commodity.
    Rouse & Serban
  • Equal opportunity to be healthy is the attainment by all people at the highest possible level of physical and mental well-being that biological limitations permit.
    Braveman & Gruskin
  • "We use the CT scan because it’s a great defense," says the CEO of another hospital not far from Stamford. "For example, if anyone has fallen or done anything around their head — hell, if they even say the word head — we do it to be safe. We can’t be sued for doing too much."
    Bitter Pill