• Access to Pediatric Dental Care in the United States

    This data portal disseminates geographically-granular data and state reports on the availability and accessibility of pediatric dental care within each state (excluding Hawaii and Washington) in the United States. This research has been supported by the Award R01DE028283 from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, National Institutes of Health.

    color coded map of the United States
  • Georgia Healthcare Measures and Determinants Data Portal

    In collaboration with Healthcare Georgia Foundation, we have developed a Data Web Portal for disseminating comprehensive healthcare measures and health determinants available at the community level in Georgia. The objective is towards supporting The Two Georgias Initiative, a place-based rural grantmaking program.


    View Data Web Portal
  • Georgia Diabetes Data Portal

    In collaboration with the Georgia Center for Diabetes Translation Research and Emory University, we have developed a Data Web Portal for disseminating localized health and healthcare indicators relevant to addressing the needs of the population with diabetes in Georgia.


    Map of Georgia
  • Data is the new resource, and unlike money or oil sharing doesn't deplete it.
    Kairos Future
  • Information is the lifeblood of modern medicine, [and] health information technology is destined to be its circulatory system.
    David Blumenthal
  • Equal opportunity to be healthy is a right not a privilege, and therefore, healthcare is a common good, not a market commodity.
    Rouse & Serban
  • Equal opportunity to be healthy is the attainment by all people at the highest possible level of physical and mental well-being that biological limitations permit.
    Braveman & Gruskin
  • "We use the CT scan because it’s a great defense," says the CEO of another hospital not far from Stamford. "For example, if anyone has fallen or done anything around their head — hell, if they even say the word head — we do it to be safe. We can’t be sued for doing too much."
    Bitter Pill